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Seeking the Purpose of Social Media Marketing

Seeking the Purpose of Social Media Marketing

1.Seeking the Purpose of Social Media Marketing

Marketing has taken a new expression as the days of regular marketing tactics like Television and paper advertisements were now considered as secondary options. Organizations and service providing companies are most probably look ahead with online marketing instead of other sources of marketing at initial stage. This is because it is of low spending in nature in comparison to that of the other marketing instruments. Besides being cost effective, it covers more intense roots of consumers which are openly available at online platform. Social networking sites are primarily considered for such purposes, as it holds a huge active user base at any point of time.

Shift from Regular Marketing to Social Marketing

The reason of shifted preference from regular marketing instrument towards social media marketing lies under the factual aspects, associated with online marketing. As online marketing has an active registered users, mostly at all point of time, which can be approached through sending the link of the endorsed page. On the other hand, social sites are competent in providing instant responses towards any product or services in the form of like and dislikes. This enables organizations and companies to decide further advertising campaigns regarding their products, in other modes.

All the online marketing exercises are reasonably backed with the success or failure of any online endorsement. It is the comments and likes & dislikes of the people which plays decisive role in convincing or converting the targeted or random consumers towards any particular brand or services. The constant existence of any endorsement over the social sites results in persuading customers to become brand loyal. It is because of various incidents or comments regarding personal experience related to any brand. This process of making people brand loyal is none other than a principle, on which it works, that, ‘what is out of sight is out of mind’.

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What you will get by Social Media Marketing:

Social media marketing gives the platform to tell about their product or services in as much as possible details, as penning down the extra but necessary features of their product would not cost them in addition or may cost so low that it could be said as none. This feature of detailed exposure of any product towards their customer is very awfully expensive marketing instrument in regular marketing practices. Thus companies prefer to have well organized and brilliant contents in a way to explain their products to the customers, so that it can call the attention of the online masses efficiently.





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Endorsing New Compositions over a Broadest Sound Sharing Platform

Endorsing New Compositions over a Broadest Sound Sharing Platform


It has been always a challenge to introduce tenderfoot musicians to the world, as the newcomers do not have adequate platform to endorse their piece of work. Technology has now resolved this bias up to a maximum extent and musicians are now in better condition to promote their compositions amid of huge listeners. An online sound sharing platform, named as Soundcloud is ideally available for this purpose mainly. However, other sound tracks like compositions or sounds from nature and natural species, sounding differently and pleasant are also entertained and shared over this platform, as these kinds of unusual sounds are always admired by the listener.

In terms of promoting music, composed by any skilled, but new to industry, person or group, this portal has a vast possibility. Under the Soundcloud sharing portal, newcomers can upload their originally created sound tracks over the website which is, immediately after the upload, is available to the huge mass of users, enlisted with the site as a members. According to a survey, half of the uploaded compositions were attended by the listeners within first thirty minutes and ninety percent of the uploaded tracks were being hit, at least by once, for listening. That is really a huge exposure in for any newcomer.

Promotions under free and paid features

  • All of the uploaded music can be accessed from anywhere as it is marked by the distinctive URL.
  • The Soundcloud sharing is very much compatible with mostly used and other general social networking sites, such as facebook and twitter. Which means all the uploaded tracks can be shared with these online portals as well, with the convenience of just a click.
  • Soundcloud users are provided to create a common space, in the name of a group, where they can commonly share and record sound tracks among the members of that particular group.
  • Soundcloud sharing is more effective through this online platform, as it uses apps and widgets to distribute or share music.
  • Sound tracks can be seen or depicted in the form of waves by the use of online applications, used for playing uploads.
  • Soundcloud allow their subscriber to upload up to a 180 minutes of recording to their profile without any cost. Additional uploads comes with a very affordable tariff plans, keeping in mind the financial concerns of their users.
  • This online sound sharing platform also allows its users to submit a review or like and dislike sort of feature immediately after going through any piece of composition, enabling composers to gather responses against their work



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A Platform for New and Upcoming Music Composers

A Platform for New and Upcoming Music Composers


There was always been a shortening of such musical platform which can help in representing the upcoming or struggling musicians. But since the Soundcloud has emerged, this impediment in the way of introducing newcomers is no longer a trouble anymore. Now any one can record, share, upload and promote sound or music creation of own, over this online audio sharing platform. Any of the originally created sound track can be uploaded over this website with its distinctive URL, enabling sound files capable of being embedded anywhere. These sound files, as soon as uploaded, are available to the registered user of the websites for listening and receiving comments regarding its likes or dislikes. Many of the other major features and advantages of this online sound sharing platform can be enumerated as:

Pros of Soundcloud Platform

  1. Originally created sound tracks are allowed to be shared with the listeners through this sound sharing portal. The uploaded sound track can be accessed through the distinctively provided URL from anywhere.
  2. Soundcloud is compatible with twitter and facebook like social networking sites and can be easily attached with all of them. It just requires clicking a share button by selecting concerned site.
  3. A group can be created by the Soundcloud users for sharing and collecting contents at a common space.
  4. Soundcloud allows their users to listen unlimited sound contents along with uploading up to 180 minutes sound files to their own profile. All these features do not carry any sort of charges and are absolutely free.
  5. Among other features, creating playlist, follow, sharing at one click, like and repost are the major key aspects which use to boost up the sound listening experience of users over this portal.
  6. The API of Soundcloud is very user friendly and allows their users to upload their sound files through Smartphone’s and other applications without creating any annoyance.

However, besides these free and common features, available to all, Soundcloud also carries some paid features as well, for the more professional and long duration sound track exposure of sound files. Up to three hours of sound track uploading is free but beyond that, every other additional minute falls under the various tariff plans of this sound sharing portal. Though this site is dedicated to introduce new and creative sound track composers, it provides the additional paid uploads with very genuine charges, which is, as low as, $59/yearly for another six hours.


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What Makes the Social Media Marketing so Popular?

What Makes the Social Media Marketing so Popular?

12.social media marketing_2

Social media had emerged as a boon to society because of its capability of approaching to populace. this platform of social media kept on advancing as the most innovative and gem of an ideas, like facebook, twitter, Instagram etc., were came into commencement. As the social media sites are improving day-by-day, the entire ambience of social media is escalating accordingly. Social media has a very sensitive and highly responsive nature as it is directly in touch with the general masses through numerous means. People are now more aware and in contact with the event and other people than ever. Now individuals and entrepreneurs are more proficient in endorsing their products or services through Social Media Marketing and can instantly record the response over social sites as people are adept in providing their views without any difficulty.

Features of Social Media Marketing

  1. Social Media Marketing has enabled online promotion culture over the social media websites which are very quick in reverting back towards the product or services through their likes and dislikes or via their comments. The user base, associated with different social media sites, can be collectively reached by leaving web link of the business page at leading social sites.
  2. Promoting business over the social networking sites or internet has become a matter of scraps in terms of capital because it does not require ordinary sort of marketing expenditure and channel to promote something. It can be easily placed into the social networking sites through well designed pages or web links which almost cost nothing for small entrepreneurs.
  3. It is easy to interpret the necessity and services of the offered product by the people through the view and comments of other peoples. These likes, dislikes, comments and views of the masses draw new range of customers towards the product.
  4. Some of the leading social media sites also provide specific platform for the purpose of promoting business which comes no cost or with some very little amount of expenditure. Facebook is one of such social site.
  5. It is the easiest, cost effective, quick and responsive method to increase the presence of any product amid of huge mass of populace.
  6. Various graphic and other technical assistances are also provided by these social sites in a way to promote your business in much better way. Any types of photos or videos are compatible with most of the social media sites as it attracts larger customer base through the video and photos of their products.
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Advance Way of Collection and Sharing Ideas

Advance Way of Collection and Sharing Ideas


Pinterest has been termed as ‘CATALOGUE OF IDEAS’ stored in the form of photographs, videos, thoughts and notes. It is primarily designed to promote innovative ideas, so that, those ideas can be pushed to be implemented by the masses of the people who are members or use to access this site. This website is devoted for storing and sharing, as well as promoting new ideas among the people. These ideas can be shared of stored in the form of pictures, videos and writings over the home feed. A huge part of Pinterest users are women, instead of men. There are various reasons due to which this web portal and online application is popular amid of people.

Advantages of using Pinterest

  • It is easy to share and store the ideas in the form of pins and other, video like, media contents.
  • These collections of ideas, in the form of pin, are called pinboards. These pinboards can be displayed and shared on home heed.
  • In case if anyone does not want to share its pins or pinboard with others, they can restrict the access of viewers to its personal pinboard by adding all of their pins under the head of secret board.
  • Pins under the secret board are not allowed to be presented or seen or even searched by any member or follower, over Pinterest. Such pins are so protected that it can even not found on category and search result sections.
  • Pinterest is capable of providing maximum exposure to the ideas over internet. In a means to provide maximum exposure, the viraltag like features are available at this website, with seven days of free trial, which is significant feature in providing best of the coverage.
  • It is very useful for regular bloggers in a way to gather different ideas over the targeted topics. Bloggers use to mention the topic, links and articles as well as photos, to which they are curious to pen down in near future. Proposing their upcoming topic or thought helps them to gather reviews and additional ideas from the followers or other users.
  • It is also a good platform to gather ideas about any services or products prior to launching them.
  • Under the corner of secret pins, user can invite or allow their followers to access and give their views over such secret pins. Most of the entrepreneurs use this secret pin corner as a virtual board meeting by gathering their partners view and consent on some issues or topics.


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Quickest mode of Effective Marketing

Quickest mode of Effective Marketing


Being one of the online photos sharing mobile app, Instagram is now used in social networking. While using this app you can take pictures as well as videos. You can even share such items publicly or even keep it private. Different platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr which are well known for social networking can be used to share your photos & videos via Instagram. This app can be easily operated through smart phones, iphones and androids. Everyday millions of internet user post their pictures and comments on various societal networking sites. These types of app have become the instant source of advertising. The product manufacturing company and service providers target their potential customers through such sites.

Benefits associated from availing Instagram fans-

Availing Instagram fans can really boast up your company’s profile. It has become a successful way for increasing brand awareness. For a new business or in the introduction phase of any business you may require effective marketing and loyal customers. Building loyal customers or audience can be a time taking task. However, you can choose the option of buying thousands of Instagram followers. It will increase the popularity of the businesses and firms.

The pros of buying huge Instagram fans-

  1. It has become the fastest way to advertise a product or service. Instead of beginning from zero anyone can begin from hundreds and then to thousands customers. In a single day an individual make use of social sites for many times. Thus you can use such mode to market your product or service as well.
  2. Social credibility of firm is also boosted through it. People find it more credible and reliable, therefore they prefer to use newly offered products and services. Buying or purchasing decision of a person is affected by opinion and reviews of existing customers. Thus, when a product is liked by thousands of customers then its sale will increase automatically.
  3. It is more effective form of marketing. As people spend ten to fifteen hour on internet for one or the other work. Thus, online marketing will help them to acknowledge the newly offered products along with services.
  4. Online sales as well as conversions are also increased. Now, People prefer to shop online rather than spending hour at retail shop. Quick delivery of online shopped items will boast your sale.
  5. Adding up the Instagram followers will proffer organic growth as it will make your brand more popular and prefer than competitors.



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